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I am Iowa Hawkeye and proud of it! :0) I began teaching in first grade, was moved to fifth grade (the day before school...what a year!), then moved back to be with my firsties! I'm a married, mother of one to a very curious and adventurous little boy and three fur babies! :0)

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Shiny Legs and Belly Buttons!

Mrs. Dillard is hosting a linky party so I thought I'd re-post this blog entry from last month and join the fun! Hope you enjoy! :0)

The inspiration behind this blog post is some of the HILARIOUS things my kiddos have said! I'd love to have you all share things that your kiddos have said as well, it'll give us all a good laugh! :0)

(Comments from kiddos when I was pregnant...)
"Mrs. B., is that the baby's head?"-Student
"No sweetie, that's my belly button."-Me
"Ohhhh, I've got one of those belly button things too!"-Student

"Mrs. B. I've figured out why you've gotten so fat!"-Student
"Because I'm going to have a baby soon?"-Me
"No...because you eat A TON!"-Student

"Mrs. B. are you going to eat something really spicy and hot to get the baby out?"--Student
"Ummm...."---Me! ( I still have no idea where that one came from!! LOL)

(comments that still have me laughing!....)
"Mrs. B. how do you get your legs so shiny?"-Student
"I don't know sweetie, lotion."-Me
"Well I don't know how you do it, but I think it's great!"-Student

"Mrs. B. you look much better when you put make up on."-Student
"And good morning to you too!" :0) - Me

"I would like D to explain how he solved his CGI problem." -Me
"Well, class, I was thinking very deeply about the problem, because I really wanted to get to my center, so I just solved it in a snap and off I went."-Student

There are so many more! I should really start writing them down! Love my first grade kiddos, you never know what they might say!!! :0)


  1. haha those stories are so cute! one of my students was changing my schedule cards for me because I forgot to one morning. She turns to me and says "we don't have RTI today" and switches it to Language Arts. I told her I was proud of her for remembering and she says "I know what I need to know!" It was so darn cute!

    Miss Kindergarten

  2. Hadar, That's so sweet! :0) And thanks for commenting! Your blog is GREAT!!!

  3. These are super funny! I really think I need to carry a notebook around to remember everything the kids say!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  4. I am LMAO! Thanks so much for joining my linky party! I just love when they are full of compliments (make-up). When I got married this year I had a student say "why did you get married, are you knocked up or something?"....out of the mouths of babes...
    BTW I am a new follower ;o)
    Peace, Mel D
    Oh the Places We’ll Go

  5. Jill, My mom suggested the same idea! She said that I should write a book of just funny "kiddo" comments...instead I'll just blog about them! LOL ;0)
    Mel, So glad to have you!! And I'm am also a new follower of your blog! and the knocked up comment...HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! LOL ;0)